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The Kickoff of National Song Competition 2015 :: 2015-07-31 09:22:21 CDT :: posted by Admin

The National Celebrations Commission in association with Atlantic International Bank  is sending out its last call tomusicians, performing artists and songwriters (juniors and seniors) to submit their songs inthe National Song Competition 2015.


The National Song Competition is the tone setter for the celebration atmosphere each year for the annual September festivities. This year, the competition will be branching out to the municipalities in the first of its kind elimination round.The winners of these municipal competitions will be invited on the national stage on August 14th, 2015 in Belize City. 

The competition was created to give both professionals and amateur song-writers and performing artists an opportunity to showcase their original pieces on a grand stage each year. It comprises of two categories: 

* A Belize Song Competition which should be an original song reflecting a strong Belizean identity, flavor and rhythm and should inspire a sense of national pride and unity. It should evoke a blessing or celebrate the history, traditions and diversity of the Belizean Culture.

* The Carnival Song Competition which should be an original song to be used for celebratory purposes during the September Celebrations and throughout the year.
The Competition is open to all Belizeans both juniors and seniors. Groups of persons or individuals may enter but will be treated as one entity. Entries will be judged based on: Audience Appeal, Musical Arrangement, Vocal Quality, Lyrical Content, and Stage Performance.

Winners will receive cash prizes, including for seniors:
1st place- $6000, a trophy, a music video, and an opportunity to represent Belize in the Region.
2nd Place - $3000 and a trophy

 Juniors will receive:
1st place - $1,500 and a trophy
2nd place - $1000 and a trophy

This year we will be re-introducing two new categories of awards:
* People's choice for the most popular song
* Breakout Artist of the year


Song writers and Performing Artist are invited to register for the onstage regional competitions  part in your district elby downloading the registration form at www.nichbelize.comor contacting theirdistrict coordinators or email or call 227-2110 for more information. Facilitating the municipal competitions and dates are as follows: 


National Song Competition Elimination Round 2015


July 26th   Belize City

Belize Regional Elimination Round

National Song Competition 2015

BTL Park, Belize City, Belize / 7:30PM

For more information contact:Mr. James Sanker, E-mail:

Telephone: 205 6294 / Cell: 632 3224


July 11th Punta Gorda

Toledo Regional Elimination Round

National Song Competition 2015

Multi-Purpose Building, Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District / 7:30 PM

For more information contact:Ms. Janine Johnson - Nembhard, E-mail:

Cell phone:607 0465


July 23rd San Ignacio

Cayo Regional Elimination Round

National Song Competition 2015

Cayo Welcome Center, San Ignacio, Cayo / 7:30PM

For more information contact:Mr. Sam Harris,">

Cell phone:6237009


July 24th Belmopan/ Dangiga

Belmopan Regional Elimination Round

National Song Competition 2015

Belmopan Comprehensive High School Basketball Court, Belmopan, Cayo / 7:30PM

For more information contact: Ms.Tricia Pelayo, Belmopan City Council, E-mail: pelayotricia@yahoo.comor

Telephone:822 2271 or Cell phone: 602 7906 or 633 9210


July 25th Orange Walk

Orange Walk Regional Elimination Round

National Song Competition 2015

Central Park, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk / 7:30PM

For more information contact:Mr. Dillon Jones, E-mail address:">

Telephone:  626 4882



August 14th

National Song Competition 2015

Memorial Park, Belize City Belize / 7:30PM

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