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BELIZE CITY, Belize—The unofficial start to the September Celebrations came to life

with a memorable lineup of talent from all over Belize on Saturday, August 13.


Backed by the Gilharry 7 band, 18 performers gave the hundreds of fans at Memorial
Park quite a show. The event was hosted by Dillon Jones and made possible by the Institute of Creative Arts and the National Celebrations Commission.


• First Place: Wilson Grinage with "Soca Session"
• Second Place: Leslie "Mr. Bastic" Jenkins with "Represent"

• First Place: Cecil "Cocono Bwai" Jenkins with "Border to Border"
• Second Place: Jeanie Brooks with "Flags in the Air"

• Belize Song: Jeanie Brooks with "Flags in the Air"
• Carnival Song: Jerome Crawford "Celebration"

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: (per online voting)
• Belize Song: Eugene Gentle with "Mista Laddy Block The Boat"
• Carnival Song: Barbara "Missy B" Herrera with "Fayah"


You can still listen to all the songs from finalists at as well as
on radio stations.

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