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Last Call for Songs

Posted by Admin on 2011-08-10 21:54:42 CDT

One 'last call' is being sounded by the organizers of this year's National Song competition. The deadline for the competition sponsored by the National Celebrations Commission in association with Atlantic International Bank is closing in fast, and that's why NICH's Shari Williams chose today to issue the final reminder that next Wednesday is the last day to submit entries.

"The national song competition which is an annual event that is hosted by the national celebrations commission along with NICH - showcases Belizean performing artists and musicians - it entails original songs along with original beats. This year like many years before we are inviting artists to submit in their songs. Some of them have been working on songs all year long; some of them are just in the act of putting it together. We are inviting them to send it in. The deadline is August 10th. This year we are having two categories both carnival and patriotic songs - it could be fast - it could be slow as well as a junior and a senior category. We are having over $18,000 in prizes.

  • First prize is $4,000.
  • Second place is $2,500.
  • Third place is $1,500
  • and these come with along with a trophy as well as $200 gift certificate in a recording studio.

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